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Many of you out there have probably considered joining a beer of the month club, but just weren't sure what kind of beer you'd get. Well we're taking some of the guessing out of the equation by reviewing the beers we get in our beer of the month clubs to give you all a better idea of what you can expect. 

This month Gourmet Monthly Clubs sent us a Wit and a Grand Cru from Celis Brewing along with an Amber and a Porter from  Blue Grass Brewing.

ImageCelis White

Appearance: Hazy straw color light white head that recedes quickly. Clearly unfiltered.
Smell: Banana, similar to a hefeweizen, light sourness

Nice up front wheat tones, very crisp without feeling overly dry

Our take: It's hot out today, really hot in fact, it's 7:00pm in Boston and it's 90 degrees. On first smell we were pretty sure this was going to be good, it's light and refreshing but not boring. There's a distinct funk to the beer from the yeast, with nice but not overwhelming sour notes to the finish. Fun fact, Pierre Celis, created Hoegaarden in 1966, this is his own branded version of that beer. If you like Blue Moon you'll love this.

ImageBlue Grass Brewing Amber

Appearance: Medium Amber
Smell: Very mild, slight malt notes
Taste: Very light, initial bitterness that fades fast. Very low carnonation.

Our take: We don't love it, we don't hate it. It's a very mild beer and it needs a little more something. Could use more carbnonation and more malt or more hops.

ImageCelis Grand Cru

App:earance light yellow, very light head
Smell: belgian funk, actually very similar to the white

Taste: Very smooth and mellow, nice light wheat taste. Very light on the tongue, with effervescent carbonation. At 8% abv the alcohol is hidden very well.

Our take: This is a light grand cru, and doesn't have a prominent spiced flavor to the beer. That's not a bad thing, the beer drinks very smoothly, kind of dangerously so. The spices and alcohol come out more as the beer warms. Reminds us a bit a lighter version of Victory's Golden Monkey, so if you like that definitely check this out.

ImageBlue Grass Brewing Porter

Appearance: Dark brown
Smell: Roasty and chocolaty

Malt bitterness up front with nice dark chocolate tones. The beer finishes very dry and a bit astringent.

Our take: Very easy drinking which is a nice option for a porter. Some can be a bit heavy and you don't always want that. It may not be our favorite porter ever, but we'd certainly have it again.


So that's our take for this month! If you like to start getting your own beer from Gourmet Monthly Clubs Check out their site by clicking the banner below.

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