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Our May beer of the month club is here and we're ready to give these a go. We just ordered some Indian food, a risk when we don't know what these beers were going to taste like but we're happy to report all went well. Enough about us though, on to the beer.

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Shmaltz Brewing Company - Coney Island Sword Swallower

We like the people over at Schmaltz, the seem to have fun with beer, their labels are pretty bad ass and we love Lenny's R.I.P.A. With all that background we were looking forward to this beer. This is one big hoppy lager! Again we were a little split on this though. Devon really liked it, lots of up front hops finish with a tasty lager funk. Devon remarked "I've been on a lager kick lately so this really was exactly what I was looking for tonight" Jeff wasn't as a big a fan of the aftertastes on this one though

Appearance: Light golden with a light head

Smell: Dank hops with hints of biscuity malt

Taste: Very hoppy up front front, great balance of malt and the a funky lager finish, this is a tasty brew

Shmaltz Brewing Company - Coney Island Albino Python

Appearance: Golden and hazy with a fine head

Smell: Flowery and light, this is very delicate on the nose

Taste: This doesn't taste like a lager at all to us but it's a very cool beer. The first time we tried this was actually over at the Taza Chocolate factory with one of the Shmaltz reps. It's heavily spiced but we like it. There's definitely a flowery element that we can't quite pinpoint. Hints of fennel and anise show through in the finish. Very cool beer.

Lancaster Brewing Company - Lancaster Milk Stout

We first tried this beer on our yearly trip to Pennsylvania. Every year we head down to PA as a group to go to the SlyFox IPA fest. While we were down there we tried this beer and ended up liking it so much that we brought a couple cases of it back to MA with us. This isn't so much a review as us just enjoying a beer that we know and love. Glad to see this in the package this month, it's been a while since we got to try it.

Appearance: Black beer with coffee with tons of cream head. The bubbles are huge... think a pancake when it's ready to be flipped.

Smell: Coffee... And a little sweetness. Basically, this smells like chocolate covered espresso beans.

Taste: Wow! Creamy, yet sharp. It starts out creamy from the lactose sugar, then ends up sharp from the malt bitterness (a result of the dark malts used). This is a tasty beer. We were glad to see it in the pack, because we've had it before from a trip to Pennsylvania and we were glad to have it again!

Lancaster Brewing Company - Lancaster Strawberry Wheat Beer

Disclaimer: We're not huge fruit beer guys, there are certainly exceptions to that, for example Dogfish Head Festina Peche, but in general it's not our favorite. We try to go into these beers with an open mind though and also review based on what it tastes like compared to other similar beers.

Appearance: Amber

Smell: Light strawberries

Taste: The strawberry actually isn't overwhelming, for us it just walks the line. There's a nice tartness that helps balance this beer. It's not our favorite but we'd bet a lot of our friends would love it.