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We've gotten emails from many of you asking about this club. We reached out to them and they sent over this month's shipment for us to check out. We're happy to say it stacks up very well against some of the other clubs we've tried.

You can join the Craft Beer Club, or check out other clubs on our comparison page.



Old Domnion Brewing

Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout
This was my favorite beer of the shipment by far. I was scared when I read there was vanilla beans,used in it as it’s very easy to overdo it. I’ve had a number of vanilla beers that were just plain gross. On the nose you get quite a bit of vanilla hints of oak and nice roasted malt notes. The stronger vanilla in the aroma is fortunately nice and subtle in the taste. The oak is also subtle but ads a nice complexity to the stout. While I didn’t have a chance to test this I’d be that this would go really well with oysters.

Old Dominiom Ale
Old Dominion describes this as an English style ale. Having just come back from London I can taste the influence but it’s definitely an Americanized version of the style. At 5.4% it’s about 1.4% more than a traditional British ale. The malt flavor on this beer is great though. There’s an excellent toasted malt finish to the beer and I finished my pint before I even knew it.

Lost Coast Brewing

Lost Coast Indica IPA
Wow, this beer is good! As soon as I started pouring this beer you could smell the hops. Lost Coast uses a blend of Willamette, Columbus and Centennial hops which results in a nicely piney and citrusy aroma. That aroma translates to the flavor as well, this beer is bitter but by no means a hop bomb, the hops are most definitely there but there’s a nice malt backbone to support them.


Loast Coast Alleycat
After trying the Indica I had high hopes for this. Sadly it just didn’t stand up at all. I’m not a huge amber ale fan so that may be part of it, but it just didn’t have enough malt complexity for what I wanted out of it. This is a very mild amber, slightly fruity, lightly hopped but very very light. The flavor was just too subtle for me. Fans of Amber ales might like it more than I did.