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We're back with another round of beer of the month reviews. This month feels perfectly late fall early winter to us. As always if you'd like to join the same cub as us you can join here: Click to Join

Sprecher Dunkel Weizen

Appearance: Dark and Hazy

Smell: sweet yeasty goodness with hints of wheat and cocoa

Taste: This is almost like Dunkel light, and we don't mean that in a bad way. A lot of dunkels can be very sweet and heavy. This is a refreshing version of this style and we dig it. There's a slight bit of chalkiness and a slight tannin like flavor but neither detract from the beer. It's fairly close to a traditional dunkel but just a bit drier.

Sprecher Winter Lager

Appearance: Dark amber with tan head

Smell: Sweet malt, very clearn

Taste: Lager is an ambiguous term, in this case this is a bock style beer, which tends to be a bit sweeter. The nice surprise with this beer is that it's not that sweet at all. While many like sweeter beers it's generally not something we enjoy. That being said it still tastes full bodied and has a great malt flavor. The finish is exceptionally dry, especially for a bock. It's great to see a drinkable, tasty winter beer that the brewer didn't just throw some spices into. Spiced beer is tough to do well, and is normally done well by putting very little spice into the beer. Sprecher has realized this malty deliciousness, with a bit of hop flavor in the mid-palette, is a great winter brew. We'd like more please! So far this beer of the month club is pretty damn tasty!

Yards Brawler Pugilist Style Ale

Appearance: Amber brown with a slight haze and a 1 finger off-white head.

Smell: Clean malt... this almost smells like a lager, but without the light sulfer aroma.

Taste: A light drinking, darker colored session ale with a decent amount of hops and some nice malt complexity. This is a super clean tasting beer that would be great for drinking all day. Just enough flavor that it's interesting, but not so overwhelming that you can't drink multiples.

Yards Pale Ale

Appearance: Light golden beer, quite clear, with a pillowy white head.

Smell: Hops. Delicious pungeant hops with a little ... No, mostly just hops.

Taste: Dry malt is there just to keep this from being overly bitter. It's nice and balanced, tending towards bitter, but the hop flavor isn't as strong as you'd expect from the smell. The Yards does some great flavorful, but very drinkable, beers and this is another one. Well done!