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We just got in our December shipment from Gourmet Monthly Clubs we're thirsty tonight though so without further ado here's out review of this months shipment!


Choc Beer Company Miner Mishap Black Lager

Appearance: Chocolate milk, a bit thin and recedes quick. Dark brown body, fairly opaque with some reddish brownish tinges at the edges.

Smell: Dry chocolate and roasted malt. Smells nice and refreshing for a dark beer. Smells like a porter.

Taste: It tastes like a porter, but cleaner without the fruity esters associated with Ale yeast. Super smooth, our only complaint might be it's a little minerally and chalky at the finish. Jeff likes this in his porters, though, so is totally fine with it. This is a very good beer that we would drink a good bit of.

Saranac Black & Tan

Rich dark brown with a light tan head

Smell:  Sweet coffee and chocolate fines

Taste: This drinks much lighter than a "true" black and tan. It feels a bit heavier on the lager than the stout, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This beer is very easy drinking and for a Friday night this is really hitting the spot.


Saranac India Pale Ale

Appearance: Looks like honey with a slight off-white, very prominent and cloudy head.

Smell: Smells like sweet hops. It looks like honey and actually smells a bit like honey. The hops give quite a nice smell with the honey, though!

Taste: We don't know where the honey smell comes from, because this is dry and fairly hoppy! Nice bitterness up front with decent hop flavor. If you hold the beer on your tongue, though, you can see where the honey aroma comes from. There it is, right on the mid-palate. This is a good beer!


Choc Beer Basement Batch:

Hazy straw with white head fine bubbles

Smell: Crips hops

Taste: This beer is a bit one dimensional for us. The hops are aggressive up front but then don't seem to follow through to create a good flavor profile. It just feels a bit too bitter without anything else going on.