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If you're thinking of joining a beer of the month club you've found the right place. Each month we review a beer of the month club shipment to give you an idea of what you really get. This is from Gourmet Monthly Clubs.

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Appalachian Brewing Mountain LagerAppalachian Brewing Company Mountain Lager

Appearance: Mountain Lager pours a deep golden with a white, airy head that quickly disappears into a thick film of bubbles.

Smell: We have to be honest... there’s not much going on in the aroma here; that’s not unusual for this style, though. Lagers are brewed to be clean.

Taste: Wow. There’s some tasty, bready malt in this one! The lager is clean and crisp, the solid yet mild malt shows through while the yeast is only noticeable if something was done wrong. The grain is the major star here! It’s a little like chewing on some 2-row barley.

Abita Brewing Wheat BeerAbita Brewing Company Wheat Beer

Appearance: For a wheat beer, this is oddly clear. There’s a hint of haze if you look for it, but for the most part this is a clear, golden beer with a 1 1/2 finger head if you pour it hard. These are usually not what you think of when you think “wheat beer.”

Smell: There’s definitely some wheat in the aroma, but it’s mild and there’s not much else going on here. It’s mild aroma in a different way than the Appalachian Lager, though, as that smelled crisp. This smells just muted.

Taste: Wow. This is one of the cleanest and crispest beers on the front of the tongue we’ve ever tried. On the back of the tongue there’s some chalky wheatiness, though, and the beer finishes with a bit of fruitiness after you swallow. As for carbonation, the head tells the whole story: it’s mild.

Appalachian Brewing Jolly Scot Scottish Style AleAppalachian Brewing Company 80 Schilling Scottish Style Ale

Appearance: While some beers call themselves red ales, this one is a brick/garnet red. A thin, light brown head forms on top but disappears quickly

Smell: This smells great! Sweet malt and the Scottish Ale yeast go great together! There is definitely some brown sugar in the aroma, although we bet it’s just from the malt.

Taste: Sweet, but not cloying. The malt has some serious body, in a great way. The light carbonation works great and this beer comes together very well. It’s definitely a bit light for style, but we enjoy it! Just to reiterate, sweet malt and the Scottich Ale yeast Appalachian uses go great together!

Abita Brewing TurbodogAbita Brewing Company Turbodog

Appearance: This is one dark brown ale! We would’ve guessed it was a porter if not for the label on the back of the bottle. A two finger head puffs up and then thins out.

Smell: Lots of chocolate in the aroma here, it smells sweet but yet there is something else. The earthy fragrance of English hops finish out this brew.

Taste:  As good as this beer smells the taste is only pretty good. It’s a little thin and lacking the chocolate and roasted malt that the aroma promised. It’s dry, but the aftertaste is a little sour. It’s a good enough beer, but not one that we’d seek out.

Join this beer of the month club or compare other beer of the month clubs.