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Millstream Brewing Company John's Grocery Generation's White Ale

Hazy, light straw colored. White fluffy, thin head that starts out 2 inches thick and quickly dissipates to nothing.

Smell: Sweet wheat predominates the aroma, and then you get some banana from the yeast. It's a fairly pleasant smell.

Taste: This is a very flavorful beer! It starts out with some chalky wheat sweetness then moves into a good bit of coriander. It finishes much drier than we expected, especially based off how it started off. This is a good summer beer that would stand up to when the weather gets colder (which is apparently July, in Boston).


Joseph James Brewing Company Alpine Wit

More golden than the Millstream White, this head is equally white and puffy and recedes just as fast.

When you bring the beer near your nose, you get a bit of tart wheat.

Initially the taste is a little tart with a great wheat flavor. The finish is a nice light yeasty crispness. The only downfall of this beer is the aftertaste. About two seconds after you finish your sip, you get a very strawy taste that lingers.

Millstream Brewing Company Colony Oatmeal Stout

Appearance: This is a dark dark beer, just black... until you hold it up to the light at which point it yields a little bit of deep ruby red. The tan head is about 2 inches and 1/2 an inch stick around for a couple minutes.

Smell: Ooooh, it smells nice and roasty, chocolaty and sweet... almost like a milk stout.

Taste: This is a really good beer! It's milk chocolate up front with some coffee towards the end. While it smells sweet, it's quite dry. The Colony Oatmeal Stout also has a little bit of dark berry fruit to it... similar to the way a good dark chocolate does. Really the only flaw we can find is that the finish is a little astringent, like old coffee, but just barely. We like this beer a good bit!

Joseph James Brewing Company Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout

The top of the head looks like whole wheat pancake batter, while on the side the bubbles are quite fine. The beer itself is the darkest of the day, light does not shine through.

Smell: This Imperial Stout smells roasty and smooth... surprisingly there is no alcohol in the smell at all. At 9% abv that's pretty good!

Taste: Wow. Lots of chocolate up front. It does not taste like 9% abv at all! It's very roasted bitter chocolaty, but isn't sweet at all. In fact, this beer does not taste like it should be 9%, based of off how much alcohol you taste or just how the beer itself tastes. Although the flavor is quite intense, so it's definitely a sipper.