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We're going to keep this months intro short. We were stoked to see 4 offerings from Colorado this go round, and from two of our favorite breweries Boulder Beer Co and Flying Dog. We told you a month ago how excited we were about our shipment of beers...we're way more excited this go round. This is a hop lovers dream shipment here. What's great is that for someone who isn't familar these beers provide a great range of flavors. Ok we really want to drink these now so lets get on to the good stuf...the beer. As always Click Here To Join the same clubs as us. 

Flying Dog Tire BiteFlying Dog Tire Bite Golden

Appearance: Light and Golden...who would have thought?

Surprising amount of hops with a nice biscuit malt back

Really balanced beer. Hoppier than most golden ales we can recal but not so much that it breaks style. This beer is just balanced all around. Last time we had this beer was a couple years ago, and it's better than we remember it. We're really glad we tried this again because we want to go out and buy some more now. If you want a nice crisp lighter beer that still has a bit of hops and great balanced flavor this beer is for you.

Flying Dog Kerberos



Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel

Appearance: Golden copper

Sweet belgian yeast, hint of alcohol and candy sugar

A bit sweet, reminds us of a sweet saison, with a dried apricot like finish. A bit of heat from the alcohol sneaks through as this beer warms. While this beer should be served ice cold, it needs to be cold or the alcohol comes through in a little bit of an unwelcome way. A cool take on a tripel though, can't think of another tripel like this, and that's fine with us. Brewing to style is way over rated in our book anyways.

Boulder Beer Co. Flashback Anniversary Ale

Appearance: Really pretty, what that isn't descriptive enough? It's a really tasty looking coppery red.

Lots of hops, lots of malt, lots of cascade hops goin on

Taste: Whoa, whats up cascade hops. This beer has 5 additions of cascade hops, and you can taste it! This beer is cool. So we'll ignore for a minute that Boulder Beer Co made up a style here. There's no such thing as an IBA, but the Boulder Beer Co looking glass series is one of the things that got us in to hoppy beers, and for that we'll let them make some things up now and then. The fact is this is a blend of brown ale flavors and IPA flavors, so the name isn't innacurate. Give this one a shot for sure. We somehow haven't tried this before now, so we're glad we did and we think you should too.





Boulder Beer Co Mojo IPA

Appearance: Golden

It's an IPA from Colorado...so hops...a bit of alcohol does come through as well though

Delicious delicious hops. We'll be clear though, this beer is hopped pretty heavily on the bittering end of things so if you don't care for bitter/hoppy beers this is likely not for you. Fortunately for us, and we hope many of you, we like lots of hops. While heavily hopped on the bittering side, the beer has a great hop profile through the drinking experience. Mmmmm hops...yum.