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If you're thinking of joining a beer of the month club you've found the right place. Each month we review a beer of the month club shipment to give you an idea of what you really get. This is from Gourmet Monthly Clubs.

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Uinta Solstice KolschUinta Soltice Kolsch

Appearance: Translucent golden goodness

Smell: Very mild as you’d expect with this style, slightly fruity

Taste: Nice clean lager flavor. This tastes like summer. Picture yourself on the beach or by the pool or near the salt flats of Utah (where it’s made), this is the beer you want in hand.

St. John Island Summer AleSt. John Brewers Virgin Islands Island Summer Ale

Appearance: Much like Uinta’s kolsch, this beer pours clear and golden. Big white head accompanies the summer looking beer.

Smell: To be honest, there isn’t much to the smell. It’s a mildly fruity, clean and crisp smelling beer. Great for hot summer days.

Taste: Crisp and clean, it has mild hop bitterness accentuated by the beer’s dryness. There’s some decent beer flavor up front and then it’s gone. This is a good beer on a hot day... and we’d know, it’s hot right now!

Virgin Islands Liquid SunshineSt. John Brewers Virgin Islands Liquid Sunshine

Appearance: Golden and hazy

Smell: Sweet, spicy yeast notes,

Taste: Very light light for a Belgian style. For those fans of Allagash White or Blue Moon, this is a good into to other Belgian styles, it has a more robust yeast flavor that will lead you towards other Belgian singles and dubbels.

Uinta  Peak PorterUinta King’s Peak Porter

Appearance: Pretty dark, with hints of ruby around the corners. There’s no head on this beer, probably about 1/4 inch.

Smell: Super dry smelling, chocolate and cocoa in the nose... almost a little like chocolate syrup if you removed the sweetness.

Taste: This is a very thin porter... it’s, like, the Kate Moss of porters, just a little too thin. That said, the chocolate taste (no chocolate added) from roasted grain is really nice. It’s a good porter that we’d drink in warm weather. While we’d like more body, it’s not a disqualifying aspect.

Join this beer of the month club or compare other beer of the month clubs