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Opening a beer of the month shipment is always fun, it's really like opening a gift each month. We've tried a lot of beer, it's impossible to count at this point but it's well over a 1000 different beers. So when we get a shipment entirely of beer we've never tried, that's really cool. Beer of the month clubs are fun because they often pick beers from smaller breweries that don't distribute past small regional areas. The result is you get to try beer you'd never be able to try unless you traveled to the state it was brewed in. This month brings us beer from PA and NM.

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Pennsylvania Brewery  - Penn Pilsner

Appearance: Golden

Smell: light lager

Taste:This is fantastic summer session beer. This is a very basic lager and is fantastically refreshing and simple, and sometimes that's just what you want from a beer.  


Sante Fe  - Pale Ale

light copper

light hops with honey sweetness

Quick up front bitterness evolves into a sweet honey like finish. This is a really interesting beer. Glad we got to try this.





Sante Fe  - State Pen Porter

Appearance: dark brown with hints of ruby

Smell: nice roast

Taste: This is a great porter for summer. Start with a nice light roasty flavor and finishes light and sweet. We love this beer, wish we could buy it all the time actually. For those that normally find porters too robust or bitter give this a try. Beers like this are what make us excited for each beer of the month club.

The Lion Brewery - Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock

Appearance: ruby toned medium brown

Smell: sweet lager

Taste: We'll be honest, we have a tough time giving bocks a fair review. It's not our favorite style but we'll do our best here. This beer does have a really nice sweetness to it with a smooth carmel and molasses notes. This actually paired well with some Thai food we ate later on in the night.

Well that wraps it up for this month! Drop back soone for more reviews and articles!