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Woodstock Inn Brewery Red Rack Ale

Woodstock Inn Brewery Red Rack Ale

Appearance: As a red ale, what color would you expect this one to be but... red? While it’s not brick red or anything, it’s definitely a red/orange color and crystal clear. There’s a super light brown, basically tan head that quickly recedes to a film.

Smell: A red ale is by definition supposed to have a mild aroma, and this one does. Notes of fresh bread and an almost caramel-like malt comes through, but you have to look for both.

Taste: Toasted barley is the major flavor here that fades into a bready, even slightly doughy finish. There are almost no hops to speak of, just a bit of mild sweetness that lingers through. This a great beer to share with friends on a social night as it one that doesn’t demand you sit and think, just drink and enjoy.

On a sidenote, the mildness of this beer makes it go great with much of the food that Woodstock Inn has at their brew pub (which Jeff has been to quite a few times). If you’re ever near Waterville Valley in New Hampshire, make sure to check this place out. They have a few variations on Beef Wellington that are delicious!

Woodstock Inn Red Rack AleWoodstock Inn Brewery Pemi Pale Ale

Appearance: A dense, off-white head about a finger and a half sits atop this copper colored, crystal clear ale named for the Pemigewasset River that runs near the brewpub.

Smell: There’s a light, grassy note to the hops in this brew. In the English style of Pale Ale you also get some decent malt to this one, a bit biscuity.

Taste: While the aroma may be a bit English, the flavor is definitely an American Pale Ale. Hop bitterness leads, not enough to make it an IPA but at 56 IBUs it’s no slouch either. A nice, but understated, malt presence gives the hops some room to play but that’s their limit. There’s a mild citrus flavor, almost a hint of lime at times, to the hops. We dig this one. A tasty, sessionable pale ale!

Boulder Beer Company Never Summer AleBoulder Beer Company Never Summer Ale

Appearance: A ruby red ale with an oatmeal, beige head about an inch high.

Smell: The malt is definitely the star here, it’s a light and airy malt. Definitely not heavy, this could even be described as smelling fresh. Hops take a backseat but are there in a supporting capacity. The yeast provides a bit of a fruity aroma, almost cherry-like.

Taste: Again, malt is the main attraction. It’s a bit toasty and definitely quite bready while the hops just chill on the sidelines. The carbonation is light, just right for style and helps it go down smooth. While this beer is drinkable, the malt and the slight hint of alcohol let you know that this isn’t a beer to pound. This would be great to sip around a fire in the winter months.

Boulder Beer Company India-Style Brown AleBoulder Beer Company Flashback India-Style Brown Ale

Appearance: This IBA pours brown, as could be expected, with red tinges when held up to the light. The head puffs to about two fingers and then recedes to half a finger and lingers.

Smell: While a brown ale traditionally doesn’t have hops right up front, as an India-Style Brown Ale this one definitely has them right there. It’s not over the top, but they’re there. Piney cascades lead the way, but the brown malts are there as back up providing a toasty grain backbone to this Cascade craft beer.

Taste: The taste? Well it’s quite good! Cascadey, piney hop bitterness leads the way, followed by brown sugar malt. There seems to be almost a bit of maple in the finish of the malt, which goes great with the brown sugar and the piney hops. This beer is like sipping on an autumn day in the woods. While Jeff may be a bit biased (Boulder Beer Company’s Hazed & Infused was one of his first serious craft beers), we both agree this is one tasty brew that you should be happy to get a chance to try!