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This month's selections are great for summer. We were pleasantly surprised by the two "lighter" offerings. We put "lighter" in quotes because the beers defied style quite a bit and offered a lot more than we expected. Read on for the full reviews.

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Coastal Fog Amber Ale

Appearance: Medium amber, actually a bit darker than you’d expect for the style.

Smell: Nice piny hop aroma, again stronger than you’d think for style. We’re intrigued at this point.

Taste: The appearance and smell don’t lie, this is a tasty beer with a nice hop flavor. Often amber ales are a sort of throw away for the brewery, a please the masses offering if you will. This actually has nice hop flavor that’s very well rounded though not overly bitter. This certainly isn’t trying to pretend to be a pale ale but there’s really nice grape fruit notes to the hops and it’s very easy drinking.

Coastal Fog IPA
Appearance: Hazy straw with a fluffy white head

Smell: A bit of malt and a hint of hops

Taste: You know, this one threw us for a loop. We swear the amber actually has better hop flavor than the IPA does. We wanted more bitterness from this beer. For us this beer was decent but between the amber and the IPA the amber is the stand out. This beer is tasty, it just didn’t wow us.

Cisco Bailey’s Blonde Ale

Appearance: Hazy straw with a HUGE head. The head on this beer is super fluffy and thick, in the picture it might look like it’s about to spill over but it never did. It just billowed straight up almost like a souffle.

Smell: Lots of citrusy hops.

Taste: We’re starting to think GMC had a trend this month. Once again, this style is normally not known for it’s hop flavor but this beer delivers in a big way. We’ve said this before, but we try so many beers that we often forget about some breweries in our back yards. This beer is super local to us but we can’t remember the last time we had one. It's an outstanding beer, though. Using both Centennial and Cascade hops this brew is perfect when you want a nice hoppy beer but might not want something as full bodied as an IPA.

Cisco Whales Tale Pale Ale

Appearance: Light amber

Smell: Fruity hops

Taste: This drinks more like an English IPA than an American one. By that we mean there’s a more defined malt flavor that’s backed by hops. This beer is available widely where we live so we’ve had this on many an occasion. While it’s a good beer by any standard once again from this brewery their other offering this shipment is what really wowed us.