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We were pretty stoked to get this months club, we've tried a lot of beer, no really we mean A LOT. So when we get beers we've never seen before it's always a little more fun. These sounded cool too especially the Southern Pecan, which is where we'll start.

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Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company - Southern Pecan

Appearance: Depending on the light the Southern Pecan strays somewhere within the range between brown and garnet. The head on this one is an off-bone color.

Smell: The aroma of this beer is a little like a lager. There's some sulfur in the smell, and it smells smooth and sweet.

Taste: On the tongue it's a bit sweet and finishes nutty. It has quite a malty tone to it, but the nuttiness balances it well. This would go well with dessert or barbecue. In fact, it makes us really want a piece of pecan pie! We really like this one, we would totally buy this if it was available around here.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company - Indian Summer

Appearance: A golden clear pour is the first thing you notice when you pour this one.  It's not as light looking as many summer beers, but not too dark to be worrisome. It's just deep enough in color to look interesting. Surprisingly off-white head for the color of the beer.

Smell: Right away we get spiced fruitiness... not heavy handed, but in a good way.

Taste: Oh, that's good right up front! Crisp and pretty dry up front, it's not nearly as sweet as it smells. The wheat in this beer definitely helps with the taste while the orange peel and coriander are super light, which is important for a spiced beer. When we heard spiced, we were worried... but this is spiced in a way that we can really enjoy. When we say wheat, coriander and orange peel, you might think Blue Moon (or a better craft beer version) but this is a much lighter summery beer that is light-handed with the spice. The citrus definitely adds to a brightness rather than sweetness.

Ellicottville Brewing Company - EBC Pale Ale

Appearance: This is more pale, when it comes to the spectrum of paleness. The head is white and the beer is clear. Pretty much hit the style on this one.

Smell: Oooh, that's pretty nice! Lot's of hoppy smell and some honeysuckle in there. A hint of orange is in the aroma as well. This smells nice! A little sweet and lots of hops.

Taste: We actually have differing tastes over here when it comes to pale ales. Jeff really likes this one, it's got really solid bitterness up front with some decent honey and orange hop flavor at the end. Devon prefers a more late-hopped beer with less bitterness and more hop flavor that this one has.

Ellicottville Brewing Company - EBC Nut Brown Ale

Appearance: Guess what? The beer is brown. Surprised? We're not. But we'd be upset if it was blonde or red. The head is a coffee and cream color. It's on the darker side for a brown ale, and looks pretty appetizing.

Smell: There are some sweet and malty aromas in this one. It's quite nice, there's a bit of brown sugar as well. No real hop smells, this one is all malt.

Taste: Up front there's a strange bitter flavor... but not from hops. That's too bad, because we expected much more from this one. We don't know what the flavor is, but we don't care for it. It smells good and looks good, but this one fell a little flat for us. That's part of trying new things, not everything is delicious. Oh well.