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Do you remember us telling you about Mayflower Brewing Company? In Plymouth, MA?

Well, have we got news for you!!! Matthew Steinberg, the storied brewer for Offshore Ale Company, and the creator of such beers as Hop Goddess, Rye Hop, Inkwell Double Stout, Fogcutter Breakfast Porter, Laughing Laird Scotch Ale, Stonewall Double IPA and more is leaving Offshore for Mayflower! As their head brewer! They will take delivery of their 20bbl brew system at the beginning of September 2007, and we should start seeing batches soon after that.

Can you wait? Because we sure can't!!!

This means two things:

1. Get out to offshore before the end of the summer just to say hi to Matt and have some of his last Offshore brews.

2. Get ready for a whole lot of great new stuff from Mayflower brewing! 

More news to come.