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Hi all!

As some of you may know, we embarked on a journey down the east coast visiting as many breweries as we could in 10 days. It started out as a list of 10, but quickly became bigger. Many hours  and many miles (3000) later we made it home, safe, sound and very tired! But, we had the time of our lives, met some great people, drank some delicious beer and learned a ton! Plus we saw a lot of the east coast, found out about local beer scenes all over and saw how beer truly does bring people together. We started out with 10 breweries on our itinerary. Everywhere we went, though, people would recommend more places and offer to put in phone calls or help us in whatever way we needed. While we couldn’t go everywhere (time just didn’t allow it), we went everywhere we could. We hit 16 breweries and 4 great restaurants/bars for a total of 20 destinations. We could have done this for a month and still had more places to go based solely on recommendations. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out on this trip, family and friends, new and old!

We've chronicled our trip for you to experience now.  We hope you enjoy reading about our adventure and viewing the pictures we got. We've took some of the first pictures out there of DFH's new 100 barrel brew house!

Click on any of the breweries below for our full write up! Let us know what you think in the forum as well. Click here after you check out the tour!

Thomas Hooker Brewery
Sixpoint Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery
River Horse Brewing CO.
Bethlehem Brewing Co.
Triumph Brewing Co.
Flying Fish
Sly Fox
Dogfish Head Brew Pub
Dogfish Head Brewery
Sweetwater Brewing
Iron Hill
Victory Brewing
Stoudt's Brewing