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Can't Keep 'Em Apart - A Beer & Chocolate Love Story 2013

Some of you may remember this from last year but it seems that Valentine's Day is coming up again (didn't this just happen a year ago?). To us, what could be better than celebrating with some craft beer and chocolate? How about raising money for The Greater Boston Food Bank? What if we told you you could do all those things at the same time?!

Well on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 from 2-6pm you can! Drink Craft Beer is taking over the Taza Chocolate Factory Store AGAIN and we're doing some pretty cool stuff AGAIN! Last year we had 550 people come out and raised over $1800 for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Let's see if we can top that this year!


UPDATE: Please note, THE EVENT IS NOT SOLD OUT AS IT'S A PAY-AT-THE-DOOR FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED EVENT. But, we've decided at this point to stop taking RSVP's. At this point we have 1,200 people already RSVP'ed for this event. 

We are totally humbled and floored by the reaction this event has received and so thankful to live in an area that thinks things like feeding those in need are important! Because everything is being donated for this event, we don't have an unending supply of beer and chocolate. That said, we are committed to hosting as many people as we can from 2-6pm, given the beer and chocolate we have, and raising as much money as possible for The Greater Boston Food Bank! So we look forward to seeing you all out at the Taza Chocolate Factory this Saturday from 2-6pm!

Use this link to donate directly to The Great Boston Food Bank.

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About Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate is a bean-to-bar, organic, direct trade chocolate company that has been growing like crazy over the past years. We met them when it was just a couple guys in a factory in Somerville and we’ve watched them grow to national distribution. To us, it’s incredible what Taza Chocolate is able to do with just a few select, high quality ingredients. It actually mirrors our love of craft beer, as brewers do the same with a few simple ingredients. That’s why we think that these two are such a perfect complement to each other.

About Can't Keep 'Em Apart 2013

It’s no secret, Taza Chocolate and Drink Craft Beer have long been friends. We’ve done a ton of events together in the past, they've come to our fests and we've done chocolate and beer classes where we’ve paired some of the best craft beer on the market with our favorite bean-to-bar, organic chocolates. And then last year we even brought you all to the factory! Well we're doing it all again for 2013!

Given the reaction to last year's factory takeover (550 attendees and $1800+ raised), we knew we had to do it again for Valentine’s Day. So, with that in mind, we’re taking over the Taza Chocolate Factory Store again on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 from 2-6pm and offering you a chance to try four delicious chocolate and craft beer pairings, featuring Slumbrew, Narragansett, Backlash & Ipswich Ale! We'll also have Roxy's Grilled Cheese on hand, selling Chocolate-Covered-Bacon Grilled Cheese (as well as their normal menu) with $1 from each purchase of this featured sandwich going to Greater Boston Food Bank! All we ask in return is a $5 donation at the door, 100% of which will go to The Greater Boston Food Bank. Come join us at:

Taza Chocolate Factory Store
561 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA 02143

Every dollar that gets donated allows them to provide 2.5 meals to those in need, so your $5 donation will provide 12.5 meals! If you bring just one friend, that’s 25 meals for people who are going hungry!

For just $5, you'll get:

  • Four samples of craft beer paired with four Taza Mexicano Chocolates
  • Meet the crews from Slumbrew, Narragansett, Backlash & Ipswich Ale
  • Hang out with Devon and Jeff from Drink Craft Beer
  • A chance to provide 12.5 meals to those who are in need
  • Roxy's Grilled Cheese on hand, selling Chocolate-Covered-Bacon Grilled Cheese with $1 from each going to Greater Boston Food Bank

The pairings you'll get to try are:

Narragansett Bock with Taza Mexicano Cinnamon Chocolate

Narragansett Bock & Taza Mexicano Cinnamon Chocolate

Warning, this pairing has been known to induce epic high fives. Seriously though, this was our first pairing we did we’re stoked by how well these two come together. We tried this beer with the vanilla chocolate, thinking the sweetness of the malt would pair nicely with the the vanilla bean flavors, sadly that fell flat so we grabbed the cinnamon. The Bock has some nice roasted flavors that really get heightened by the cinnamon. While some of the flavors in Taza’s mexicano line can be subtle, the cinnamon is right there in your face. The sweetness of the beer in this case helps mellow things out in just the right way.

Backlash Beer Famine Tripel with Taza Guajillo Pepper Mexicano

Backlash Beer Famine Tripel & Taza Guajillo Pepper Chocolate

Ok, ok...we know, doesn’t it seem like we always include a pairing of the Taza Guajillo Pepper Mexicano chocolate and a yeasty, dry, minerally beer? Well there’s a reason! Because it’s sooooo damn good. This time Backlash’s new single hop single malt Belgian-style tripel ale, Famine, is the beer to pair with this chocolate. The yeast from the brew and the earthy spice from the chocolate just come together in a magnificent flavor combination that will make you gasp and ask for more. After you swallow the spice lingers just long enough to mix with the Belgian funk of the yeast and it’s great. Honestly, you’re going to want seconds.

Ipswich Ale Brewery Rye Porter with Taza Vanilla Mexicano

Ipswich Ale Brewery Rye Porter & Taza Vanilla Mexicano Chocolate

When we tried the vanilla with the bock, both the chocolate and beer got quite muted. As soon as we took a sip of this combo, though, both beer and chocolate jumped off our tongues and really lit up. The vanilla amplifies the chocolatey sweetness of the porter while the beer brings out some sweet, dark berry notes that are usually hidden in this chocolate. This is a good, smooth experience just like the moves you’re going to spring on on your valentine on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to think too hard about this one, so just sit back and enjoy.

Slumbrew My Better Half Imperial Cream Ale

To find out what My Better Half's better half is when it comes to chocolate, you're going to have to come on out to the Taza Chocolate factory on February 2nd! This will be your first chance to try this year's batch of My Better Half as it's only being packaged days before. So come meet the Slumbrew crew and try some super-fresh imperial cream ale!