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Boston Beer and Cheese Fest

Author // Devon

If you’re in the know, you realize that beer and cheese go together in ways most people wouldn’t believe…if you DON’T think that beer and cheese are a magical pairing, then the Boston Beer & Cheese Fest will be a wakeup call that you can’t miss! 20 craft beer and cider makers from New England; 8 New England creameries. 20 beer/cider & cheese pairings. Yep. Get on this!

Find out why Drink Craft Beer was awarded Boston magazine's Best of Boston® 2014 - Best Booze Fest!

Please Note:

  • There are no refunds OR exchanges.
  • All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. Nobody will be allowed into the building who is under 21 or who doesn't have a valid ID.
  • Tickets will be emailed by Eventbrite. You must bring this ticket to the event where it will be scanned.
  • You can transfer tickets using Eventbrite.
  • We give no entry guarantee if you buy your ticket from a reseller.

Boston Beer & Cheese Fest
February 27th & 28th

Space 57 - The Revere Hotel - 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA
VIP Hoppy Hour Session - Friday, February 27th: 6-9:30pm
Session 2 - Saturday, February 28th: 1-4:30pm
Session 3 - Saturday, February 28th: 6-9:30pm

Why Join Us At Boston Beer & Cheese Fest?

It’s craft beer, cider and cheese…what more do you need to know?! If you do need more info, though, the Boston Beer & Cheese Fest focuses on New England-made craft beers, ciders and cheeses. By attending you’ll have access to over 70 craft beers and ciders, as well as tons of cheese from 8 local creameries. If that’s not enough, we’ll be pairing a beer/cider from each brewer with a cheese from each creamery…that’s 20 beer/cider and cheese pairings! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what else to say.

How Much Does It Cost?

For only $50 you’ll get admittance to one session which includes:

  • Unlimited 2oz samples of 70+ New England craft beers & ciders
  • Unlimited samples of cheese from 8 New England creameries
  • Biodegradable tasting cup
  • Fest Guide

VIP Session - How Much Does It Cost?

For only $60 you'll get admittance to the VIP "Hoppy Hour" Session on Friday night, which includes:
  • All of the above, plus unlimited 2oz samples of 20 super-limited hoppy New England craft beers & ciders, including casks and other delights
  • A chance to vote on the 2015 Champion of Hops...a championship belt to be awarded to the brewers of the crowd's favorite hoppy VIP beer/cider
  • The session will be limited to only 450 attendees (down from 550 for the Saturday sessions)
  • Some possible other things we're working on...totally TBD at this point still what will make it to the event

What Creameries Will be Joining?

We’re working with local cheese experts to get a great, diverse selection of local cheeses that will pair excellently with beer and cider. We have the following committed, with more to come:

  • Cabot Creamery (VT)
    • Alpine Cheddar - Creamy, subtle Swiss and Italian-style Alpine Cheddwar with a texture similar to Parmesan
    • Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar - Mellow with a well-defined, slightly crumbly body
    • White Oak Cheddar - Subtle caramel sweetness with hints of wine aging casks, sharp with a smooth, milky texture
  • The Cellars at Jasper Hill (VT)
    • Alpha Tolman - Raw cow milk Alpine-style cheese aged 8-12 months; Buttery, fruit & nut flavor that turns meaty, with notes of caramelized onion as it matures
    • Bayley Hazen Blue - Raw cow milk blue cheese; Fudge-like texture with a toasted-nut sweetness, anise spice notes, and grassy flavors
    • Moses Sleeper - Cow milk, inspired by French Brie; A bloomy rind with gooey, milky core and notes of cauliflower, creme fraiche, toasted nuts, and a bright finish
  • Cricket Creek Farm (MA)
    • Berkshire Bloom - Semi-soft bloomy rind cheese; creamy, earthy pungent layer around mild, firm center
    • Maggie's Round - Semi-firm raw cows milk with bright & fruity citrus tones and earthy rind
    • Tobasi - Raw cows milk, aged 2-4 months, dense, almost custard-like
  • Fiore di Nonno (MA) - VIP Session Only
    • Bocconcini - Bite sized mozzarella
    • L'pippenannie with fig & spiced almonds - Fresh cheese, similar to cream cheese.
    • L'pippenannie with roasted garlic, onion jam & crispy fried onions - Fresh cheese, similar to cream cheese.
  • Grafton Village Cheese (VT)
    • 5/6 Year Extra Mature Cheddar - Makes your toes curl!
    • Maple Smoked Cheddar - Smoked using maple wood chips in a cold smoke infused oven; smooth, buttery, savory
    • Vermont Leyden - 22lb Cave-Aged Wheel, paracoat rind, cow milk, Dutch Style with cumin seed & a big, buttery flavor
  • Narragansett Creamery (RI)
    • Atwells Gold - Italian-style cheese aged 10-12 months; Creamy, nutty Asiago-style cheese
    • Divine Providence - Semi-aged Gouda-style cave aged for 3-5 months; natural-rind with a nutty, smooth finish
    • Mediterranean-Style Grilling Cheese -
  • Robinson Farm (MA)
    • Arpeggio - Raw cow milk; Bloomy rind with a strong aroma, beautiful finish & soft, spreadable texture
    • A Barndance - Raw cow milk; Hard Alpine-style cheese, fruity and nutty
    • Tekenink Tomme - Raw cow milk; Rustic, pungent, slightly saline and creamy, their sharpest cheese
  • Vermont Creamery (VT)
    • Bonne Bouche - Ash-ripened goat cheese; a yeasty rind with a sharp, creamy interior
    • Coupole - Aged goat cheese; Dense with a fresh, milk taste with a strong ripened rind and delicate interior
    • Cremont - Aged goat and cow cheese; a nutty taste with a creamy texture and smooth interior

What Food Will Be Available?

While you’ll have your fill of craft beer, cider and local cheese, we know you might want something a little more substantial. With that in mind, we want to provide you with some local and delicious food options to eat:

  • Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
    • Boston’s own…you can’t do a cheese fest without grilled cheese, right?!
  • KO Pies
    • Aussie-style pies from South and East Boston. Don’t worry about figuring it out, just get some.

Craft Beer & Chocolate For Charity: January 9th 2015

Author // Jeff Wharton

**Tickets on sale Tuesday, December 9th at 10am EST.**
Last Year's Event Sold Out in 3 Hours!

For the last three years Somerville's Taza Chocolate and Drink Craft Beer have paired beer and chocolate in an annual event to raise money for The Greater Boston Food Bank. Last year we had sold-out the event in 3 hours and raised over $10,000 for the charity. This year we want to beat that!

On Friday, January 9th, 2015 from 7-9:30pm Drink Craft Beer and Taza Chocolate are taking over the Somerville Armory in Somerville, MA...but we won't be alone. We'll be hosting:
  • 10 craft brewers, each providing a beer paired with a Taza Chocolate
    • To be announced soon
  • 6 local chefs to create custom bites incorporating Taza Chocolate
    • Mei Mei
    • Roxy's Grilled Cheese
    • Union Square Donuts
    • Park Cambridge
    • Highland Kitchen
    • The Salty Pig

For just $30, you'll get:

  • Unlimited 2oz samples of 10 craft beers paired with Taza Chocolates
  • Sample each bite from 6 local chefs
  • Meet the crew from several of your favorite breweries and local restaurants
  • A chance to provide meals to local families in need
  • Thanks to a generous donation from the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance, 100% of your ticket price goes directly to charity!
How Do You Get There?

Bridj will generously be providing shuttle service between Porter Square and the Somerville Armory. It will pick up every 10 minutes right outside the Porter Square T Stop at 1867 Massachusetts Avenue (the 77 Bus Stop). The shuttles will have a Bridj sign in the window.

For more information on Bridj, visit their website.

Tickets are limited to 330 so be sure to get yours fast! This event will sell out.

Devon and Jeff
Co-Founders of Drink Craft Beer

Special thanks to: our partner, Taza Chocolate, for providing all of the chocolate; Massachusetts Beverage Alliance for providing funding for the venue and event costs, the brewers for donating all of the beer and the restaurants for donating all of the food.

When Is Stout Season Exactly?

Author // Jeff Wharton

With quite a few sought out stouts in the portfolio, Founders Brewing started the #StoutSeason campaign back in 2012 to mark the time when these beers were available. More generally, though, stouts and other dark beers have been seen as cold weather beverages meant to warm you up...or at least make you not care if you are cold. I've always heard people say that stouts are for cold weather, but have always been curious about how true this is (from a behavior standpoint at least) and, more importanlty, just when is stout season, exactly?!

I've long been an advocate of the "summer stout," more to be contrary than anything. But am I the weirdo? Or is stout as a winter-only beverage an urban legend deserving of a good old-fashioned Snopes.com-style debunking?

In the spirit of a recent article I wrote, "Why Is Pumpkin Beer Released in August," I went back to Google Trends to check out what the reality of the situation is. To make up for year-over-year growth of craft beer, I normalized the data on a June-May year. I also removed a few irrelevant months from the graph that I published here, but only to make the image easier to publish and maintain readability. This "missing data" was taken into account when I actually went over the seasonality.

Stout Season

And, well...the results were fairly obvious. Stout Season starts fairly sharply in November and lasts through March, with a sharp drop-off in April. Seeing as people think of stout as a cold weather beverage, it seems that this belief really does influence behavior and interest in a pretty serious way! For five months of the year interest is piqued, while for the remaining seven months, it's quite low. Oddly enough, if you look back at "Why Is Pumpkin Beer Released in August," you'll see that Stout Season picks up right where Pumpkin Beer Season leaves off. Either way, October shows interest in stouts begin to rise before it spikes in November. In an attempt at hipsterdom, I'm going to enjoy some this month (October)...before they're popular again.

Want to try a ton of stouts, pumpkin beers, holiday ales, and other Fall and Winter seasonal brews? Then check out Drink Craft Beer Fall to Winter Fest in Boston, MA on November 14 & 15 at Space 57! Featuring 90+ beers and ciders from 25 New England brewers and cider makers, this is a celebration of these great beer seasons! See the brewer/beer list and get your tickets on the event page now!

Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby Pumpkin Ale [Beer of the Week]

Author // Jeff Wharton

To put it out there from the start, between Devon and me, I'm the more picky one about pumpkin beers. He loves them. I like SOME of them. With that said, it's the first full week of October and Pumpkin Beer Season is in full effect! And this trend ain't going nowhere so, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

While I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin beer, I do like rum! And Roadsmary's Baby is aged in rum barrels. One point! On top of that, it's brewed with vanilla bean, which is great in a malty beer when done right. Of course it's got the obligatory pumpkin and spices, as well, but that's not what has me excited. As you pour you'll notice the boozy rum right away, but it quickly dissipates and your first actual sniff will bring you fresh pumpkin and mild spices. This is definitely a pumpkin beer, first and foremost, but behind that you'll get the smoothness of vanilla...and I like it.

Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby Pumpkin Ale

Take a sip and behold the gourd that rules craft beer from August to November. The spice is secondary (at most) and the pumpkin shines. On top of that, as it warms, the rum starts to come through, bracing for a cold October evening. All in all, if you love pumpkin beer this won't disappoint. But if you don't, Roadsmary's Baby delivers it differently enough that you'll probably find something you'll like...I did!

Try Roadsmary's Baby and 90 other craft beers and ciders from 25 New England brewers and cider makers at Drink Craft Beer Fall to Winter Fest 2014 in Boston, MA on November 14 & 15. Get all the details, see the brewer list, and buy tickets on the event page.