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I love Spring, not just because the snow is thawing, the days are getting longer and the salt and grime washes away with each passing rainstorm (though I do love it for all of those reasons) but, rather, because Spring seasonals comprise some of my favorite beers. Big stouts get lots of love in Winter and the pumpkin beer craze gets bigger every year in Autumn. Spring on the other hand is open to a lot of interpretation; in general though I see a theme of something fresh, something new and something exciting.

Mayflower Spring Hop is one of those beers that signals the start of Spring to me. OK, sure, hops are not a seasonal ingredient in the strictest sense. But Spring is when our dormant hop plants begin sprouting, hinting at a new crop to come, and for that reason this is a perfect Spring beer. Normally I prefer beers that are late hopped, which tends to lead to stronger citrus or spice notes, but this beer has a serious in-your-face bitterness. Mayflower calls this a red ale, and it does have an awesome deep copper hue to it and a killer malt backbone, but as the name might hint at the real star is the hops. Citrusy, floral and definitely bitter this beer packs a serious punch, though at only 5.3% ABV you can have a few. In fact, I think I'm going to go open another right now.

I'd encourage you to go out an pick some up, but you can also try it at Drink Craft Beer Springfest: A Celebration of Hops this April.