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It's not everyday that you hear about a hard cider that is fermented and aged for four months in bourbon and rye barrels like Fatty Bampkins Maine Hard Cider, so it had to be tried. This 22 oz bottle was brought out and tasted with a group of friends so it was exciting to hear the different interpretations and impressions, especially considering no one had any information on this cider before we poured.

Fatty Bampkins Maine Hard Cider

Out comes the cider with a moderate amount of fizz and bubbles that quickly calm at the top, the liquid with a rich clear golden tone. As you lift the glass you can tell this cider had a sharper smell, making multiple people think of green apples. At first sip you notice a green apple taste (maybe Granny Smith?) but tempered with a soft caramelization, as if they were briefly sauteed. The overwhelming comment from peole was that it reminded them of the buttery taste that people say many chardonnay wines have. Also, several people mentioned that they felt it had a slight woody tone that made them think of a barrel aged beer. Lo and behold, a little research confirmed our thoughts. This buttery cider pairs really well with BBQ, both chicken and pork (we were snacking on both!) and seems like it would hold up to most pork dishes in particular - light but with a little bit of weight to hold up to the flavors of the meat.

If you love a rich cider and buttery chardonnays, I think you've found your dream drink.