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You shouldn't be reading this right now. You shouldn't be drinking a beer or planning whatever it is you’re planning for tomorrow. You shouldn't exist. In fact, neither should I. Remember all that hype about the world ending on December 21st, 2012? Were you prepared for that to be your last day on Earth? I sure as heck wasn't, and one reason was that Washington, D.C.’s DC Brau released an Imperial IPA, dubbed “On the Wings of Armageddon” to honor the transition from the living world as we knew it to the post-Armageddon unknown.

DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon

Yet, for reasons I can’t explain I did not seek out the beer even when it was available on tap at my neighborhood bars. I knew it was going to be good, so I have to believe I was waiting for the right time to have my first sip. With a packed brewing schedule the beer is only available periodically, it seems to be less than 2 months between releases, I missed the boat on the first batch. 

Fortuitously, the inaugural release of OTWOA in cans was the same day that Jeff from Drink Craft Beer was due for a visit, so I rode my bike over and loaded up with a few six-packs to share. The time was right and we didn't waste much time breaking into the first few cans! [Editors Note: Thanks for grabbing those, John! Freaking delicious! I shared a few up here in Boston as well and people loved it!]

On the Wings of Armageddon pours a deep orange color with a head that won't quit - and the beautiful hop aromas hit your nose almost immediately as you pour into your favorite glass.  There are big helpings of citrus, followed by tame bready and floral scents - and the taste matches.  Without a taste you can tell this is going to be a hop-lovers favorite. The first sip is simply amazing - as if you have transitioned from one state of being to another. The huge aromas provided by the Falconers Flight blend of hops are present in your mouth but incredibly mellow. With a bitterness that builds over time, good carbonation and a nice dry finish you don’t find a sticky hop coating in your mouth like you might with other hop-heavy dIPAs. In fact, your palette stays surprisingly fresh – making this a great beer to pair with food. 

Stay tuned to the DC Brau Twitter feed for the next release date and grab yourself some while it lasts. Then sit down, share some OTWOA with a friend and remember that every day since 12/21/12 has been a gift...thank goodness those Mayans were wrong!