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OK, bear with me while I make two sweeping generalizations, and then attempt to justify them using a single example.

The first generalization is that the color of your beer follows the seasons (summer is lighter, winter is darker). The second - that the booziness of your beer matches the temperature (colder is higher ABV, warmer is lower). Right, fine, I know you can point out hundreds of examples to disprove either of these statements. But let’s be honest you agree just a little bit.

DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter

I bring this up because with spring here the temperatures swing wildly between day and night, which makes it hard to pick out exactly which beer to enjoy after a hard day at work. For us folks living in the DMV - DC Brau’s Oaked Penn Quarter Porter is a fine choice for the changing season. Named after a popular neighborhood in D.C., PQP was DC Brau’s first limited release beer, though it is fairly easy to find. The oaked version - aged on Catoctin Creek Distillery Round Stone Rye whiskey barrels - is a little harder to come by, but oh so worth it!

At 5.5% abv the beer works nicely in warm early evening weather, but as the sun sets and temperatures drop the robust boozy flavors of DC Brau's Oaked PQP keep you nice and warm.

Right off the bat you notice the opaque black pour with a caramel head, then the spicy whiskey and vanilla oak flavors hit your nose forcing you to double check that you didn't accidentally open an 11% abv brew.  

Waves of vanilla, whiskey, bittersweet chocolate, cold brewed coffee and roasted malt enliven your taste buds, but are tempered by a jammy stone fruit funk and a slight hop bitterness towards the tail end of a sip. The complexity and layering of flavors is impressive, and the roastiness actually fades a bit faster than I find to be typical for the non-oaked version - a plus in my book. My senses tell me to expect a drunken punch to the face, but the beer delivers a jovial pat on the back.  

Soon enough we’ll be inundated with summer beers - so take the opportunity to enjoy this versatile all-season beer while you can!