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We were first introduced to Vermont's Citizen Cider leading up to Fall to Winter Fest 2013, where they brought their Ginger cider, Dirty Mayor, and a small bit of their hopped cider as well as Unified Press, their plain cider. Since then, we've been impressed by single apple varietal, single farm, blueberry, and Nelson Sauvin hopped ciders among others. But, sometimes, you just want a tallboy of plain old cider, and today was that day.

It was almost 90 degrees in Boston today so this crystal clear, light straw colored liquid looks like just the thing to beat the heat. You might be thrown by the lack of head, but remember this is cider and not beer: no head here.

It smells slightly of apple, but not that strongly cloying artificial apple aroma you get from the bigger cider makers...this is just enough so you know it's made from fresh apples. With a bit of tartness and tannin, its got some cool stuff going on.

It's dry, but not thin, with a good body that comes from a proper blend of apples to hot just the right balance. Its really drinkable, but you're not going to think you're drinking water, haha. Every sip brings the subtle sweetness of a fresh, crisp apple...skin and all! If you're sick of ciders that feel like their rotting your teeth, but don't want the European super-dry style, then this is one you've got to try.

Note: If you want to try this cider, as well as a few others from Citizen Cider and ciders from 7 other cider makers, then you'll want to join us for Drink Craft Beer Fall to Winter Fest 2014 in Boston, MA on November 14 & 15!