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What's the best gateway craft beer? [Questions]

Author // Devon

Chances are if you're reading this site you already drink craft beer, and many of your friends do as well. I'd also bet that wasn't always the case and someone probably introduced you to craft beer or you've introduced someone else. I discovered Sam Adam's and Sierra Nevada during college, it wasn't long after that I began seeking out more and more craft beer.

There's still a lot of people out there that think they don't like craft beer or just haven't tried it. I'm a strong believer that the right beer can convert almost anyone into a craft beer fan. With that in mind we wanted to get your feedback on the best gateway beers. 

Let us know what you think the best gateway craft beer is, we'll compile a list of them and publish a top 5 list next week based on the results. Give us your responses in the comments section below or tweet us with #gatewaycraftbeer.

Be sure to list a specific beer as well as why you think it's a good fit. 

Look forward to all of your responses!