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Last year, Otter Creek in Vermont changed direction and started featuring their brewer, Mime Gerhart. At that same time, they started on a tear, rebranding the company and turning out great beer after great beer. Overgrown Pale Ale is their latest seasonal offering.

Ready to pop the top, I'm greeted by the image of Brewmaster Mike hanging in his van, dog at his side, something green wafting from his hand...Moving on to the beer, it's a hazy orange while it flows into my glass, crowned by a 1/2 inch of pale head. Enticing!

As I'm pouring, I can't help but notice a citrusy sweet blast, like overripe orange...it's sweet, but not cloying malt...just sweet and a bit oily, like an orange when you tear the peel. Stick your nose in and the experience is finished with clean malt and citrusy, dank hops.

Finally, the first sip reveals this beer to be delicious! A mild bitterness sticks in the mouth for a quite a while, even after you swallow. More noticeable, though, is the flavor: a dominating hoppy tangerine. This is a great, drinkable, citrusy, and hoppy pale ale that I'll definitely have a couple of. At 5.5% abv it's definitely meant to be consumed a couple at a time.