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Sure you can have a glass of champagne on New Years Eve, but that's what everyone does. So this year why not change it up a little bit. We've put together five beers for New Years Eve sure to impress when you pop that cork. Each beer also comes in a 750ml bottle, perfect for sharing with your friends!


Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca

Appearance: Slightly hazy, golden color, white puffy head
Smell: Light sweet funk... hints of wheat, slightly yeasty. A little banana.

Taste: Fruity, a tad sweet, a little funky and sour (in a totally good and mild way). Quite light and easy to drink. Pretty carbonated... Not overly so, but higher than normal. If you've had other Jolly Pumpkin beers you'll probably enjoy this. This is one of their lightest offerings that makes it great for a beverage later in the night. It's crisp, light and refreshing.





Unibroue La Fin du Monde

Appearance: Hazy... gets hazier towards the end of the bottle. White, fluffy head... again.
Smell: Mild smell... little sweet, little yeasty.

Taste: Slightly sweet with a medium body and nice subtle orange notes. Pour with care as the yeast is easily stirred and can change the flavor from glass to glass in a notable way. It's very carbonated which helps lighten the overall feel of the beer.

Note: In case you're not up on your French, La Fin du Monde translates to "the end of the world." [Yeah, cue REM music] Wouldn't be a great New Years Toast beer... aside from the loud "pop" when opening, just like champagne! But it'd be good for earlier in the night. A good solid beer that can go with any kind of food you may be eating. It's a tad heavier than the rest in our list and for that reason it might not be best for later in the night. It is delicious though!



Brooklyn Brewing Co. Local 1

Appearance: Clear and pale gold with a white head. You noticing a trend?
Smell: Slightly lemony... dry. Like a lighter La Fin du Monde

Taste: You feel like it's going to attack you as the aroma is intense... but then it doesn't. This beer is very easy to drink, it's very smooth and light bodied, almost airy. The flavors develop and then fade quickly to a clean finish leaving you eager for you next sip...or glass.







Dupont Organic Foret Saison 7.5%abv

Appearance: Pours with about 2” of bone white fluffy head, Opaque orange
Smell: Smells pleasantly earthy…with a hint of spice

Taste: Tastes crisp and a little spicy with a slightly funky aftertaste found in most of our favorite saisons.

For those not familiar with Saisons, they were historically brewed in Belgium during the spring for farm workers to quench their thirst. Because they were brewed before refrigeration this meant they were fermented at higher temperatures, causing a slight funk in the beer. Hell, if it was good enough to quench farm workers' thirst back in the day, it’s good enough to quench ours!



Allagash Interlude

Appearance: Clear copper with a bone white head
Smell: Barely funk... delicious... kind of musty (but in a great way... only because we know this beer tastes great)... sour sweet lemon.

Taste: Mmmm... funk. Medium body but drinks like a lighter beer. Very fine carbonation makes this feel light and less carbonated. Slight malt on the back... We hate to say this, but this beer is really complex. We could try to come up with a list of fancy terms to explain, but in the end it's just delicious. So, for real, just save up, buy a bottle and try it for yourself. Everyone likes this beer. We handed a glass to Jeff's roommate, having no idea what it was, who immediately responded "Wow, that's delicious!" We think you'll do the same. Price? Ok, it's $20, but seriously it's worth it.