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Memorial day is special for two reasons. In many ways it signifies the kick off of Summer, the first of many great BBQs to come. But it also means the release of lots of great Summer beer! People often ask us what we’re drinking, so we’ve put together a roundup of what will be in our coolers this Memorial Day weekend.

Sixpoint Sweet Action & Bengali Tiger

Who doesn’t want a beer called Sweet Action? We’ve loved Sixpoint beers for years now, the trouble was they were tap only with the exception of the rare bomber. But as of this week everything has changed. Sixpoint is now canning many of it’s very tasty brews and, after trying them this week, we’re hooked. If a 16oz tallboy of craft beer doesn’t scream BBQ we don’t know what does. Sweet Action is a nice balanced beer, the cans we picked up were crazy fresh, you could smell the hops as soon as you popped the top. This isn’t a super bitter beer, but rather one with nice light hops and great hop aroma, another thirst quenching refreshing option for your festivities. We also picked up some Bengali Tiger, their IPA. The hops in this are nuts, it tasted like someone had just put some fresh lemon zest in our beer, we mean that in the best way possible. You can’t go wrong picking up either of these.

Notch Session Pils

Notch is a relative newcomer to the craft beer world, but brewer and founder Chris Lohring has been brewing for over 20 years. Notch Session has set out to make great American session beer (4.5% ABV or less). We love this new trend in beer, that’s not to say we don’t still love our double IPAs but you can’t drink those all afternoon (we imagine that may sound like a challenge to some of you). The Pils has been one of the great standouts for us, in fact it’s the best Pilsner we’ve ever tasted. It’s super crisp, hoppy and just plain delicious. Anyone who’s a fan of Victory’s Prima Pils should gives this a shot. This particular beer comes in at just under 4% ABV which is a good thing, because you’ll want more than one.

Narragansett Summer

By now you’ll notice we have three canned beers in our lineup, so you’re either thinking “what’s up with the cans?” or you already know the many virtues of canned beer and are on board. We’ll save the long speech today, but in short cans keep beer fresher (think mini keg). We LOVE canned craft beer and this is a great beer to help please some of the non-craft beer drinkers and craft drinkers alike. This is very light and refreshing, your friend who normally sticks to bud light will probably dig this. BUT WAIT you will too! They’ve added Citra hops to this summer brew which gives it an awesome aroma and nice subtle bitterness. Normally we don’t say keep your beer super cold, but in this case we do think it adds a little something, so don’t be scared to keep this one on ice.

Full Sail Session Lager

There’s always someone who just doesn’t like bitter beer, and you know what? That’s OK. Full Sail Session is just pure simple lager at its best. No pretenses, nothing fancy just damn tasty beer. There’s an awesome little surprise under each bottle cap, though. As you open each bottle you’ll find a picture of a rock, paper or scissors under each cap. We can absolutely attest that this turns into great fun, especially after the entire 12 pack has been consumed. The stubby bottles also stick out. Overall this is a fun and tasty addition to a BBQ.

Mayflower Summer Rye

This may be one of the greatest creations of mankind. Yes perhaps that’s an overstatement but it’s not that far off. At 3.8% alcohol you can sip on this all afternoon without comprising your horseshoes skills, an important thing for many Memorial Day BBQs. Low ABV aside, this beer is fantastically crisp and refreshing, we look forward to this one every year and can’t recommend it enough.

Peak Summer Session Ale

For those of you that like a bit more hops we haven’t forgotten about you. This beer is a Summer Wheat/West Coast IPA hybrid. At 61 IBUs this def has a great hop kick, tons of Amarillo hops mean great citrusy aroma and flavor. You’ll get hints of lemon and grapefruit from the hops and you’ll be reaching for a second before you even know it. This is another beer we look forward to every Summer so go get some while you can!