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The other day we went on a mini-rant about pumpkin beers being available in August, which expanded into a discussion with our followers on Twitter and Facebook about how early seasonal beers are being released lately.

If you've been paying attention to this type of thing in craft beer, you'll notice that pumpkin beers are available in the middle of summer, spring beers are sometimes released as early as January and that's just the tip of the iceberg! What this means is all the summer brew is gone while it's still 90┬░+ in August and you've got to grab a fall seasonal like pumpkin beer. Once you really want it in late October or, God forbid, Thanksgiving, that pumpkin beer is nowhere to be found and you're stuck with spiced Christmas beer. What gives?

So we want to know! What do you think? Are seasonal craft beers being released too early lately? As usual, vote below, then let us know why you made that choice on Twitter (if you think they're released too early, use the hashtag: #CampaignForSeasonalBeer), on Facebook or in the comments below the poll. Cheers!