Boston Beer and Sweets Fest is back for it's second year! We're bringing together 8 of the best local sweets options in the area, ranging from donuts to cookies to candy to chocolate to ice cream and more! And then we're adding 20 New England craft brewers and cideries. 

But that's not all. We'll be pairing a beer/cider from each brewer with a sweet from one of our vendors. That's 20 beer & sweets pairings!  5 out of 5 dentists disapprove...but your tastebuds say yes!


***Tickets on sale at 10am on Thursday, July 20***




Please Note:

  • There are no refunds OR exchanges.
  • All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. Nobody will be allowed into the building who is under 21 or who doesn't have a valid ID.
  • NOBODY under the age of 21 allowed in, this includes children and babies of any age.
  • Tickets will be emailed by Eventbrite. You must bring this ticket to the event where it will be scanned.
  • You can transfer tickets using Eventbrite.
  • We give no entry guarantee if you buy your ticket from a reseller.

Boston Beer & Sweets Fest
November 3rd and 4th
Space 57, 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

Session 1 - Friday, November 3th: 6-9:30pm
Session 2 - Saturday, November 4th: 1-4:30pm
Session 3 - Saturday, November 4th: 6-9:30pm

***Tickets on sale at 10am on Thursday, July 20***

Why Join Us At Boston Beer & Sweets Fest?

Because beer and sweets is a primally delicious combo! Desserts and could it go wrong? Plus we'll have 20 beer and sweets pairings to take two great things, and make them both even better! Still need more reason to come? Boston Beer & Sweets Fest will showcase a suite of the best brewers and sweets vendors in New England. Do you know how much driving you'd have to do just to sample all these sweets yourself? Let alone the beer?! All the brewers are from New England and all the sweets are from Massachusetts. By attending you'll have access to over 70 craft beers and ciders, as well as heaps of gob-smackingly good desset options. If your dentist does not want you to go (and we assure you that he/she doesn't) then it MUST be good, right?!

How Much Does It Cost?

For only $55 you’ll get admittance to one session which includes:

  • Unlimited 2oz samples of 70+ New England craft beers & ciders
  • Unlimited samples of sweets
  • Biodegradable tasting cup
  • Fest Guide

What Sweets Will be Joining?

We're working hard to get a great lineup of 8 of the best local sweets shops together:

  • TBA

What Breweries Will be Joining?

We will have 20 New England brewers and cider makers in attendance bringing over 70 craft beers and ciders. Some of our brewers include the following (NOTE: This is only a partial list. We'll continue to announce more of our brewers and beers in the coming weeks) (Brewers and beers are subject to change and availability. All pours are 2oz per MA State Law): 

  • TBA

What Food Will Be Available?