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2016 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Drink Craft Beer. 10 years! It’s been a great ride, and we’ve come a long way. But never fret, we’ve got more to come. When you hit a milestone like this, sometimes it’s nice to reflect a bit, and it being the New Year and all, I figured it was a perfect time for some New Year’s Resolutions. While these are ostensibly for 2016, in reality these resolutions go farther out than just this year. All in all, let’s get back to the roots with beer, let’s learn to love beer again...let’s drink craft beer! So here we go.

1) Drink Less Samplers

Drink Less Samplers

And the corollary here is “Order more pints.” There’s only so well you can get to know a beer in a few ounces. I want to get to know fewer beers way better this year.

You want to recommend a beer you loved? If you tell me you had a 4 oz of it, and that’s it, I’m not listening to you. A sample is a great place to start. But that’s exactly what it is, a place to start.

Also, it’s WAY harder to be social when you and your friends are all buried in sample boards. Buy a round of pints and be social.

2) Focus More On the Experience Than the Beer

Focus more on the experience than the beer

It’s 2016...you don’t have to worry about going to the best beer bar in town to get a good brew now. So, instead, worry about getting a great group of people together and figure out where you’ll all have fun. If that’s not local craft beer hub, that’s fine. Even run of the mill, mainstream bars have at least one of two decent offerings now. Hell, I was in a generic “Irish Pub” in suburban wasteland Massachusetts and had more than a couple great offerings on tap to choose from. 

A decent beer with great friends will ALWAYS be a better night than a great beer with lesser friends, or without friends at all.

3) Drink More Than IPAs

Drink more than just IPAs

I love hops, so don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying to stop drinking IPAs. Far from it. Just, let’s try some other styles, too. There’s a million IPAs already and, by the time I’m done with this sentence, 5 more will have hit the market (*totally made up fact). All I’m saying is, don’t get in a beer rut. Try some other styles. Drink a Gose. Have a good lager. Find a Hefeweizen. Hell, I’d forgotten how good Belgian Wits can be until I had an Allagash White a few months ago. That’s a damn good beer! Let’s try more new stuff in 2016.

4) Keep Your Nose Out of Your Phone

Keep your nose out of your phone

I really wish this one didn’t need to be said. When you’re out with your friends, BE OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! (See Resolution #2) Plus if you’re drinking full pints, and not a million little samples, you won’t have so many beers that you can’t remember each the next day. Do you really need to check in every beer?

If you want to tell the world what you’re drinking (and we’re guilty of this quite often if you watch our social media), snap a photo and send it later. Check into your beers later. Beer is best as a social experience, not a social media experience. Be social.

5) Get a Staple Beer

Get a staple beer

This is a big one to us. At Drink Craft Beer, we’re always trying new things to find brewers for our fests and for stuff to write about. But we realized that this isn’t how we’d drink if we didn’t run DCB. And we didn’t like that. The solution?

Find a beer you love. Make sure it’s readily accessible and something that’s a good choice in almost any situation. Then, keep it in your fridge at all times. This way, you have something you love when you “just want a beer.”

The key is, you don’t have to try EVERY new beer that comes to market. Don’t let FOMO keep you from enjoying a beer you know you love.

So there you go, the Drink Craft Beer 2016 Five New Year’s Resolutions. But, looking at it, this shouldn’t be limited to 2016. Really, this is the Drink Craft Beer Guide to Drinking Beer & Having Fun. We’ve been having fun for 10 years doing Drink Craft Beer, and we’re looking forward to many more! Cheers!